Summer DIYs

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My favorite season is finally here and in the spirit of summer, here’s 2 simple DIYs that you can use for yourself and for your home.

Inspired by my favorite blogs, I wanted to try a simple all natural body scrub to prep my body for the beach. All you really need are 3 ingredients, regular white sugar, brown sugar, and olive oil, simple ingredients that most of us have in our pantry. If you want, feel free to add some coconut oil and some fragrant oils like tea tree or lavender.

Ingredients and Directions:

1 cup of white sugar

1 cup of brown sugar

1/2 of olive oil

Add the dry ingredients first and then the oil. Mix all the ingredients into a bowl and you’re done! Super easy scrub that makes enough for yourself and your friends.

Hanging Planters

When I was preparing for this DIY, I wanted to make something you could use for entertaining guests in the summer and that was again simple to do. I love fun DIY projects but complicated DIYs intimidate me and I don’t really have the patience for them. Here’s a no sew project you can do with a new line of products that we now carry at Fashion 5. I love these colorful twine from We Love Citrus! Not only are they great for wrapping gifts, you can use them for craft projects just like this one.

Materials and Directions:

Mason Jars


Twine, yarn, or string.

Make 4 sets of braided twine. Tie the 4 braided twine to the corners of the doily, Put the mason jar into the middle of the doily and bring the braids up together. You now have a beautiful summer hanging planter for your home.

Have a beautiful summer and thanks again so much for taking the time and reading our blog LIV3.


may clothing- spring wardrobe


It’s May and like always, we’re not afraid of color, patterns, and textures. Here’s a few great tips to add some color, patterns, and textures in your closet. Freshen up your look, revamp your style without loosing who YOU are.

Step outside your comfort zone

I love when a customer approaches me and asks for my help in helping her put an outfit together. Often times it’s for a specific event like a night out, wedding, or graduation, but sometimes, it’s just helping her revamp her wardrobe and adding pieces that would work for her day to day needs. Not only is it a chance for me to help her step out of her normal comfort zone, it’s a chance for me to listen and understand what our customers needs and wants are. What I hear a lot is, “I would have never thought of that.” After working with a customer, she’s often surprised at my choices for color combos and my advice on mixing patterns. Try something new, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Try a different size

If you try something and it’s not working, it may not be the item itself, it may be the size. Customers often make the mistake of trying on something too small, they don’t realize that something too small can be uncomfortable and unflattering. Let the focus be YOU instead of the clothes. Draw people’s attention on how beautiful you are and not how unflattering something is. All companies and manufactures work with different sizing and fit techniques. Because there isn’t a standard in sizing, you may be a small in one brand but a large in another. Explore different sizes to find the fit that works right for you and your body.

Mix up textures

Just like patterns and colors, you CAN mix textures in 1 outfit. Rayon, cotton, chiffon, and satin can all find a place in your outfit. When you stick to 1 fabric choice, the outfit can look too calculated. You want your look to look like you put it together with ease. Being too match-matchy with colors and textures can look too predictable and boring.

mother’s day floral crowns


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Because I loved last month’s DIY so much on mini garden’s for Earth Day, I wanted to continue the plant theme for this month’s DIY. In honor of mother’s day and in honor of my truly fabulous mother, I wanted to make her something unexpected. For every mother’s day, she looks forward to a floral arrangement I make for her…but this year, I wanted to put a little twist and surprise her.

To start, you only need 3 items, floral scissors, thin floral wire, and flowers.

I made 2 crowns, 1 was inspired by my favorite flower, peonies, and the other was inspired by the giant blooms of my rose garden. When gathering your flowers and fillers for the crowns, make sure to find a strong filler plant that is going to be the base of your crown. Once you’ve found your base and main flowers, finding coordinating blooms to accent is easy.

Directions: To start out, form a crown base with a filler. After shaping it to the desired size, use floral wire to secure the ends. Keep adding fillers to get the thickness that you want. The large blooms are last. You can either center it or put them on the side. To hide the stems, layer it with more filler flowers and secure it with the wire. It’s really that simple.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

obsession- jessica velasquez


We wanted to feature another special person in our lives. She’s a dear friend of our sister Jane, a girl with an awesome sense of style, and a big fan of Fashion 5! We asked her to tell us a little bit about herself and her current obsessions…

Hello, it’s me Jess! On my spare time you can find me shopping at farmers markets, finding treasures at flea markets and netflix watching, well always. I’m kind of obsessed with the Olsen Twins and these items below.

Get a sense of my style by visiting my pinterest page, HERE

1. Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray

2. OPI Mermaids Tears

3. Succulents

4. Voluspa Candles

5. Pendleton Throw Blankets

earth day

In honor of Earth Day, I wanted to celebrate the beauty of nature. Inspired by all the different ideas on how-to embellish simple terra cotta pots from Pinterest, I wanted to recreate some of my favorite pins for you. What I love about each of these ideas is how truly simple they are to put together. I also love the fact that you don’t need a lot of materials or time to complete these projects. All I needed was spray paint (oops..not really earth friendly), paint, and the terra cotta pots. My favorite find this week was the adorable mini green house that I now have displayed on my kitchen counter, practical and beautiful. Love having fresh herbs in my home.

Hope this gave you some inspiration to bring a little nature into your home. For more inspiring ideas, follow me on Pinterest.

Happy Earth Day and happy spring! xo- Jina

spring wardrobe

Loving our new items for April. Great dresses, shirts, leggings, and more. We love how our April items aren’t concentrated on just one spectrum of the color wheel, instead, there’s a color combination that fits everyone’s needs. If you haven’t stopped in to vamp up your spring wardrobe, stop on by for fresh new trends and weekly new arrivals.

Spring Collage

easter egg ideas

here are a few of our favorite ideas for easter egg decorating this year

from simple painting to natural egg dying, pinterest has so many amazing ideas for you to try

please follow the attached links for further details and instruction

have the very happiest of easter’s! xo- JinaEaster '

1.) modern easter egg

2.) rubber band easter eggs

3.) golden marbled easter egg

4.) ombre glitter easter egg

5.) natural dye easter egg

6.) polka dot brad easter egg