october clothes

love this time of year! Fall is the perfect time to darken up your wardrobe with bolder darker colors and of course layers!! Add some of our favorite new kimonos, boho cardigans, and sweaters. Let the new month and season also be the time to try something new in your day-to-day looks…I’ve been trying to be a little more daring with prints. You’ll be surprised that you CAN where 2 different prints together and there’s subtle ways to do it. Something I tried today was mixing a tribal print long maxi with a different tribal print kimono, something I would have never done but was pleasantly surprised when the 2 looked beautiful together…the outfit looked more thoughtful and relaxed all at the same time. I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new for fall.

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september clothing

September means saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall. It’s that time again to do a little cleaning in your closet and bring in those great fall essentials to help you through the cooler weather. Our favorite trends this fall are fringe, chiffon kimonos, palazzo pants, but we especially love that fall means boot season! Our biggest boot shipment just arrived and of course new arrivals arrive weekly, so definitely stop by to grab your fall essential items in stores.

September Images

august clothing

August is a time to slowly transition your closet from summer to fall. Lucky for us that San Diego fall means we can still wear our favorite shorts and tank but we can add our favorite new fall cardigan or kimono for a little extra layering. A new season doesn’t mean brand new wardrobe…fall simply reminds us to add a couple of warmer essentials like a great pair of pants, jeans, an oversized sweater, or everyone’s favorite…a great pair of BOOTS!! Because I’m a huge fan of layering, fall is the perfect time of year wear I can experiment with pairing all different types of patterns and materials into one look.

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june clothing

Summer’s here and what we love about summer is being able to wear easy and light items that are perfect for the hot sun. Hot trends for the summer are maxi skirts and dresses and we have many colors and patterns available in our stores. We love how maxi’s are comfortable and versatile enough to wear for everyday events like going to the beach but can also be worn for more formal events like weddings etc…

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may clothing- spring wardrobe


It’s May and like always, we’re not afraid of color, patterns, and textures. Here’s a few great tips to add some color, patterns, and textures in your closet. Freshen up your look, revamp your style without loosing who YOU are.

Step outside your comfort zone

I love when a customer approaches me and asks for my help in helping her put an outfit together. Often times it’s for a specific event like a night out, wedding, or graduation, but sometimes, it’s just helping her revamp her wardrobe and adding pieces that would work for her day to day needs. Not only is it a chance for me to help her step out of her normal comfort zone, it’s a chance for me to listen and understand what our customers needs and wants are. What I hear a lot is, “I would have never thought of that.” After working with a customer, she’s often surprised at my choices for color combos and my advice on mixing patterns. Try something new, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Try a different size

If you try something and it’s not working, it may not be the item itself, it may be the size. Customers often make the mistake of trying on something too small, they don’t realize that something too small can be uncomfortable and unflattering. Let the focus be YOU instead of the clothes. Draw people’s attention on how beautiful you are and not how unflattering something is. All companies and manufactures work with different sizing and fit techniques. Because there isn’t a standard in sizing, you may be a small in one brand but a large in another. Explore different sizes to find the fit that works right for you and your body.

Mix up textures

Just like patterns and colors, you CAN mix textures in 1 outfit. Rayon, cotton, chiffon, and satin can all find a place in your outfit. When you stick to 1 fabric choice, the outfit can look too calculated. You want your look to look like you put it together with ease. Being too match-matchy with colors and textures can look too predictable and boring.

spring wardrobe

Loving our new items for April. Great dresses, shirts, leggings, and more. We love how our April items aren’t concentrated on just one spectrum of the color wheel, instead, there’s a color combination that fits everyone’s needs. If you haven’t stopped in to vamp up your spring wardrobe, stop on by for fresh new trends and weekly new arrivals.

Spring Collage

first days of spring

Spring is officially here, perfect excuse to clean out your closet and make some room for new and bright pieces. Here are just a few great items and outfit inspiration to help get you ready to embrace spring’s trends. I love this time of the year when fashion changes into something a little more bright, cheerful, and ultra feminine. Don’t forget to check out our Instagram @fashion5instagram and Facebook, key word fashion 5 for more posts on spring arrivals.