feather diy

for this month’s d.i.y we used feathers as the running theme for our 2 simple projects.  Love the first project, a simple feather garland that only requires 2 items, feathers and gold twine which we now carry at our store.  All you have to do is measure the length of your garland and tie a feather in equal lengths, that’s it!


The second d.i.y. requires a little more patience but still simple to do. I wanted to make an all white dreamcatcher using only the feathers as my source for color.




-gold circle frame

-1 doily that is slightly smaller than the diameter of the circle

-gold twine


-2 clusters of feathers, 1 small length , and 1 large length


Tie the doily to the circle frame (you want the look to be taut). Secure the doily all the way around the frame. Then cut the yarn and tie them to the bottom of the frame. Once you have enough tassels at the bottom, cut them to the shape you’d like… I used a v shape when cutting. Now for the for the feathers. First attach the large size feathers evenly along the bottom, then attach the smaller feathers on top so that the bottom of the frame is full.




Can’t wait for you to try this! Happy dreaming ❤

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