Summer DIYs

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My favorite season is finally here and in the spirit of summer, here’s 2 simple DIYs that you can use for yourself and for your home.

Inspired by my favorite blogs, I wanted to try a simple all natural body scrub to prep my body for the beach. All you really need are 3 ingredients, regular white sugar, brown sugar, and olive oil, simple ingredients that most of us have in our pantry. If you want, feel free to add some coconut oil and some fragrant oils like tea tree or lavender.

Ingredients and Directions:

1 cup of white sugar

1 cup of brown sugar

1/2 of olive oil

Add the dry ingredients first and then the oil. Mix all the ingredients into a bowl and you’re done! Super easy scrub that makes enough for yourself and your friends.

Hanging Planters

When I was preparing for this DIY, I wanted to make something you could use for entertaining guests in the summer and that was again simple to do. I love fun DIY projects but complicated DIYs intimidate me and I don’t really have the patience for them. Here’s a no sew project you can do with a new line of products that we now carry at Fashion 5. I love these colorful twine from We Love Citrus! Not only are they great for wrapping gifts, you can use them for craft projects just like this one.

Materials and Directions:

Mason Jars


Twine, yarn, or string.

Make 4 sets of braided twine. Tie the 4 braided twine to the corners of the doily, Put the mason jar into the middle of the doily and bring the braids up together. You now have a beautiful summer hanging planter for your home.

Have a beautiful summer and thanks again so much for taking the time and reading our blog LIV3.


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