mother’s day floral crowns


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Because I loved last month’s DIY so much on mini garden’s for Earth Day, I wanted to continue the plant theme for this month’s DIY. In honor of mother’s day and in honor of my truly fabulous mother, I wanted to make her something unexpected. For every mother’s day, she looks forward to a floral arrangement I make for her…but this year, I wanted to put a little twist and surprise her.

To start, you only need 3 items, floral scissors, thin floral wire, and flowers.

I made 2 crowns, 1 was inspired by my favorite flower, peonies, and the other was inspired by the giant blooms of my rose garden. When gathering your flowers and fillers for the crowns, make sure to find a strong filler plant that is going to be the base of your crown. Once you’ve found your base and main flowers, finding coordinating blooms to accent is easy.

Directions: To start out, form a crown base with a filler. After shaping it to the desired size, use floral wire to secure the ends. Keep adding fillers to get the thickness that you want. The large blooms are last. You can either center it or put them on the side. To hide the stems, layer it with more filler flowers and secure it with the wire. It’s really that simple.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

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