Such a special post! We wanted to share a few pics of our newest addition to our growing family, Abby.

Of course she couldn’t be more beautiful and we’re so thrilled to share in all of our joy with all of you.

Our co-author and photographer on our blog, Corey Villicana of Corey Villicana Photography,

artistically captured Abby and her adorable room just days after she was born.

What we love about Abby’s room is…everything! When our sister Jane was designing the space, she wanted the mood to be natural, simple, and calm. Adorned with rabbits and other little woodland creatures, the room also has a whimsical feel without being too overwhelming. Centered around Abby’s gorgeous crib by Oeuf, a company that prides itself in making eco friendly products, all the natural details in her room come together in making one beautiful nursery.

As we welcome sweet baby Abby into our family, we reflect on the things that matter more to us than anything else.
Family, health and happiness.
Thank you for being a part of our journey. xo-Jina, Jiin and Jane

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  1. Sooooo precious and beautiful! Abby is one lucky baby to be born into a family full of love. Great job, Jane! Her room couldn’t be more perfect. I may call on you when my son finally gets his own room someday haha. =) Congratulations again and again!

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