strawberry treats

valentine’s day is tomorrow, and we thought we’d share two more ideas to brighten your sweethearts day…

the first is a simple strawberry puree. simply place fresh, clean strawberries inside your food processor and puree until nearly smooth. use to garnish or dollop on a variety of different foods or drinks. we chose a glass of lemonade, that with a spoonful of the strawberry puree seemed so much more special, and tasted wonderful too!1
the second idea is equally simple and completely delicious! chocolate covered strawberries are the perfect gift for a friend, or loved one! we decided to use white chocolate for our strawberries. first, melt one package of chocolate chips into a small saucepan on medium to low heat. continually stir the melted chocolate while adding a small amount of milk to slightly thin the mixture. finally, dip your clean, dry strawberries into the chocolate, roll in sprinkles or any other topping you wish, and place on a dish for drying. package, and deliver!2
IMG_7305here’s to a wonderful valentine’s day, filled with an abundance of love. xo -jina

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