a place for everything

One of my final resolutions I made for 2013 was keeping an orderly home.

An organized home can take so much stress away.

By  creating a system, you can make time for more important things in life.

Maintaining an organized home seems nearly impossible with little ones and a busy schedule. One easy way I achieved order was to get rid of  or donate items I hadn’t used in the last 6 months. We all accumulate things, hoping that one day we might need or use them, but in reality, if you haven’t used them in a while…you can probably say goodbye to it.organize4PicMonkey CollageIf you’re a mom, you’ll sympathize with me on how much work putting away toys can be. The picture above on the right shows how I converted a dresser into an organized toy chest, each drawer having a different category. The best part is is that the toys are out of site.organize1PicMonkey CollageLike the famous saying goes…”A place for everything and everything in its place.” To be consistent with all of my drawers, I used the same wooden containers to separate items into categories. With each item having a place in the home, losing and searching for things is going to be a thing of the past.organize2PicMonkey CollageI saved the kitchen for last. Being the busiest room in the home, I knew that the kitchen would be my biggest challenge. Using containers, labels, and dinnerware that are eye appealing makes the mundane task of organizing a little more enjoyable. I also tried to fill my kitchen with items that matched the overall decor in my home. With every room having a similar theme, it gives my home a cohesive and natural flow.

Although initially, it takes a bit of effort and concentration sorting through the extra clutter and organizing the remaining items, the clarity and cohesiveness in your home will be well worth your effort. – jina

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