personal style

Another resolution of mine this year was to revamp and rethink my own personal style. Clothes says a lot about a person and it’s one of the first things people notice about you. Who wouldn’t want to make a great impression?

With our busy schedules, I understand how difficult it may be to invest some time in re-evaluating your closet, throwing out the old, learning how to put pieces together, and then assessing what you need to add to make your closet complete. This post is about sharing 5 tips on how I achieve my own style and how I go about creating my day to day looks.

Tip #1 Think outside the box
Don’t be glued to just 1 style. Thinking outside the box will sometimes surprise you. Don’t be afraid to have a slip up moment, we can always learn from the good and the bad. Even when you mix and match pieces together, pieces from different categories and styles can look great. Let’s take the outfit with the pencil skirt…the pencil skirt says sophisticated, the dark chambray shirt says casual, but the boots I paired it with says edgy. All 3 pieces say 3 different things, but make 1 cohesive look.


Tip #2 Layer
You’ll be surprised as to how a cardigan, a cami, or even a pair a tights can really add to an outfit. Layering pieces can add that extra texture, color, or pattern that may compliment the outfit beautifully. For example, just by adding an oversized cardigan, it did 3 things to the long cobalt blue dress, it brought out the color, it gave the look a bit of elegance, and brought more visual interest by adding another texture into the mix.


Tip #3 Add colors and patterns
Although we all revert to our comfort color, black, I always try to pair it with colors so that black isn’t the main focus of the outfit. When mixing and pairing colors together, I often use pallets that may not always be the most common. Being inspired by your favorite pallets, but creating your own unique pallet can help to make a more personal look.

Mixing patterns is not as easy as mixing colors. Take the palazzo pants outfit, the 2 together may look like an unlikely pair but I played off of the lines of the pants and brought that into the top I chose to complete the outfit. The elegant pattern on the pants and the casualness of the sweater makes the look effortless.


Tip #4 Have fun
Don’t make putting outfits together a chore. Whenever something is forced, it never produces anything fabulous. Make it something that is natural in your routine. If you don’t have the time to do it daily, pick 1 day out of the week to set aside some time to put together the looks for the week. After getting more practice and understanding you and your body, the process of putting looks together will become more natural and fun.


Tip #5  Be “you”
Your outfit is just a reflection of how fabulous you are, show that! Don’t be afraid to make a statement since a lot about who you are shows in something as simple as your clothes. We can all improve and reinvent our looks without losing who we truly are.

Let 2013 be the year where you’re the person people turn heads for.

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