starting fresh

Happy New Year!
After a stressful and busy holiday season, it’s time to restore some order back in your home and your life.
It’s the season to make resolutions and I’m always hopeful that I’m going to keep them.
At the top of my list is to be less stressed this year…being a business owner and mother of 2 young children (Lucy, 4 and Leo, 2), stress seems to be a daily occurrence. Juggling everything is always a struggle, so this year my goal is stay more organized and relaxed so my days run a little smoother and happier.
Sitting down for “me time” is going to be a top priority. There’s nothing worse then being stressed and grumpy. I find that even setting 10 minutes out of the day to just sit and skim through some of my favorite design books and magazines is all I need to de-stress.
Find 1 simple thing you love to do and make it a goal to do it everyday.


Creating my “me time” space…

Because I love coffee and tea, I decided to create a simple space in my kitchen where I can easily grab some coffee or tea. It’s the little touches such as adding some potted plants  (heather and succulents) and lighting a candle that helps me create a more warm and relaxing ambiance in my home. I suggest you do the same for yourself. Here’s to an amazing new year, full of happiness and tranquility. xo Jina


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  1. Love this! It’s always a struggle to find some peaceful quiet time, especially when you’re a mom and work full time. (Props to you for handling all that with TWO little ones, btw!) I need to get to work on my “me time” space…

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